The health and safety of our students is of utmost importance. We take caring for the physical and emotional health of each member of the school community very seriously. Our School Nurse makes sure to follow up on the health and well-being of all our students through health check-ups and vaccinations.

Vaccinations and Youth Health Care Check ups

To ensure that children grow up as healthy as possible and can develop well, the Youth Health Care, which is a part of GGD Amsterdam (Community Public Health Service), offers advice, help and support. This care is for all children that live in the Netherlands. Together with the School Nurse, the Youth Health Service department in Amstelveen can provide Youth Health Care at Amity International School Amsterdam, this includes support with vaccinations and overall health check ups.

Allergy Aware School

Amity International School Amsterdam is an Allergy Aware School. Through our guidelines we emphasise the importance of creating an allergy aware environment that raises awareness among all students, serving as an educational tool throughout their school years.

Under this framework we have a 'no food sharing' policy. This measure is intended to minimise the risk of anaphylaxis. Additionally, in case of severe allergies your child's year group will receive information about specific allergies within their cohort, and we kindly request that snacks and lunches brought from home do not include these allergenic foods.