Teaching critical thinking in education

Critical thinking is a term that gets thrown around quite a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly, objectively and rationally about what to do or what to believe, in order to solve a problem or form a judgement. At Amity, we encourage our students to start their critical thinking journey from the moment they walk in.

How to choose the best international school for your child

At first it may all seem quite overwhelming and understandably so. But, whether you decide to do it with the help of a relocation agent or without, it is both important and helpful to have a clear idea of what your particular requirements are. Although these will vary according to each family’s specific needs and wishes, below are some key considerations which may help you when making your choice of international school.

Miss Pixie in the news

The newest recruits to the classroom are furry and four-legged. visited Amity International School Amsterdam to learn how our school dog helps to create an innovative and nurturing learning environment

Opening Senior School

Amity International School Amsterdam opens the doors to a brand-new Senior school in September 2019

Harry Potter Book Night

On 21 February 2019 we hosted Amity Amsterdam's very first Harry Potter Book Night and what a magical night it was!

Amity’s first birthday

On 1 February 2019, it was Amity's first birthday. With cakes, great performances and amazing food brought by parents we had an amazing day.