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Building Lasting Success in Education: A Strong Home–School Partnership

Families are an integral part of our children's education journey. They play a crucial role in shaping their growth and development. At Amity Amsterdam, we firmly believe that our home–school partnership profoundly influences our students' educational journey. We foster a culture of care and community that creates a vibrant learning environment for all.

How does our Therapy Dog support our children at Amity Amsterdam?

We are very proud to introduce the newest member of our team: Therapy dog in training Mr Banx! 🐾 ✨

In recent years, there's been a heartwarming shift happening within schools worldwide. A change that's all about warmth, wagging tails, and boundless enthusiasm—the rise of therapy dogs. They are more than just cute distractions! So, if you'd like to know more about the magic of therapy dogs and how Mr Banx is making a positive impact on our children, read this blog!

How to prepare your child in 6 steps for the new academic year?

It’s back-to-school season so it's time to get ready for a fresh new start. At Amity Amsterdam, we believe proper planning and preparation are vital for a successful educational experience.  To ensure a bright future, it is crucial for families to equip their children with the necessary skills and readiness to seize the opportunities that await them. In this blog, we will explore six tips that could be helpful for children to be prepared for a successful academic year.

Do our children need to do more co-curriculum activities?

We want the best for our children. As parents and educators, we know that the skills they acquire at a young age will support them in the future, so we want to enable them to acquire as many skills as possible. One way that our children acquire important skills is through co-curricular activities (CCAs). In this blog, we explain what CCAs are and we list some of the positive results of CCAs and explain why we believe they are such a vital addition to Amity Amsterdam’s curriculum.

3 Benefits of Outdoor Education

Welcome to the great outdoors! As you step away from the classroom and into nature, you'll discover a world of endless possibilities for learning and growth. From the tiniest insects to the tallest trees, the natural world is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Join us as we explore the benefits of outdoor learning, and how connecting with nature can deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves.

An Inclusive Approach To Dyslexia

Learning to read should be an enjoyable, thrilling exploration for young learners. However, that's not always the case. Unlike learning to talk, learning to read and write is not a ‘natural’ or automatic process. For some students, learning to read and write is exhausting and frustrating, leading often to low self-confidence and declining grades. How do we support them in that process