Music Philosophy

February 12, 2018 by Miss Anna

In education, self-exploration is the point of departure. When we accept and learn to appreciate the differences in one another, our collaboration becomes more powerful. When it comes to music, we believe it can offer something for everybody. Music is a medium for individual expression. Think of the subject as a kind of language, which we need to master the basic rules of, in order to be able to create our own ways to communicate. Our intention is to develop the students’ ability to express and make choices that will help them identify themselves through music. In other words, enable them to find their voice. A drum could never be a flute, but together they can produce an amazing sound.

We think of a classroom as a child’s space to discover, explore and experiment with things around them and make it sound as they like it the best. Music is not just black and white and there is no right or wrong. Children should be in an environment in which they can experiment with sounds that they create. We must not forget the element of “play” in playing music. There is no theory that cannot be found through play.

Moreover, music is interconnected with all core subjects. Students perhaps do not realise that when they are singing a simple song they are in fact engaging in literacy, language and math. On top of this, they are introduced to music history, culture and diversity. All in all, music production is a social act and that in itself is important. At Amity, we build our foundation of teaching music using this philosophy to allow us to show our students the beauty of the world through the colours of music.


The Project Adventure Philosophy

January 2, 2019 by Mr Konstantinos

A philosophy that we are passionate about is the Project Adventure by Karl Rohnke. The Project Adventure Philosophy involves cooperative games which create an atmosphere that is fun, supportive and challenging. In general, students are usually more capable (mentally, emotionally, and physically) than they perceive themselves to be, and if given the opportunity to try in a supportive atmosphere, they can discover this excellence within themselves.

The main goal of this philosophy is to increase participant’s sense of personal confidence and mutual support within a group and to develop an increased level of agility and physical literacy. By adopting the Project Adventure philosophy at Amity, children will be encouraged to play with one another, to never feel the fear of failure, and to increase their self-esteem.