Student Support

At Amity International School Amsterdam our goal is to support students in reaching their full potential. We believe that meeting the needs of a diverse group of learners starts with high-quality core curriculum and innovative teaching practices.

Our EAL and Learning Support Team help students overcome these obstacles by providing additional individualised support.

Learning Support Programme

The Learning Support Programme builds on our high-quality curriculum and teaching by providing a range of support that is tailored to the individual needs of students in areas of academic skills, social-emotional development, and functional skills.  

Since meeting student needs is an ongoing process, we collaborate with all members of the school community in continuously identifying and overcoming barriers to inclusion in all aspects of school life, allowing maximum access and engagement for students.

Amity International School Amsterdam also facilitates in-school access to External Service Providers for speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and school psychologist services.


As for language, Amity’s phonics and EAL programme is, in my opinion, the best programme we’ve ever encountered. My son’s English improved a lot.   Primary Years 1 Student

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We offer a range of support for students whose home language is not English. Our EAL Team identifies the level of support required based on the student's language profile, previous educational experience and in-school assessments. EAL support may include small group work and/or targeted help in class. We encourage all of our students to aim for the highest possible standards by providing engaging, challenging and holistic support.

We strive to create a truly international environment in which students are able to share, enjoy, appreciate and value each other's cultures and languages. 


We encourage all our students to aim for the highest possible standards by providing engaging, challenging and holistic support. Ms Jade, student support Coordinator


Before acceptance to our school, we review prior school reports and the information provided by parents. A case-by-case assessment is conducted by our Student Support Coordinator to evaluate whether Amity International School Amsterdam can provide the required support.