Post-Secondary Counselling

The Post-Secondary process is an opportunity for students to engage in self-exploration, self-growth, and personal development. We want to provide students and their families with the tools necessary to navigate the different pathways and amount of information a student may encounter during this process. 

Professionally, we have found that when students have a best fit situation for their academic, social, and emotional selves, they have stronger post-secondary outcomes. Hence, Amity will focus on a values-fit approach to its post-secondary counselling, which will improve student outcomes, post-secondary satisfaction, and generate excitement about the process.  

The post-secondary search process is thorough and all-encompassing. Our Post-Secondary Counsellor starts meeting with students early in their academic careers. Through individual appointments with students and their families, information sessions and collaborative gatherings with their teachers, students learn to increase their self-awareness, discover their passions and define their post-secondary goals.

In addition, university representatives from around the world visit our school to present their university to our Diploma Programme students and answer any questions they might have.

It is our goal to understand students' priorities, personal strengths and preferences as available career options and our students' academic achievements are taken into consideration. In this way, together we aim to make the best and most appropriate decision. We want our students to choose universities where they will be creative, active contributors who thrive and excel.