English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Amity International School Amsterdam we recognise that students whose home language is not English may require additional support. Our EAL team identifies the level of support required, based on the student’s language profile and previous educational experience. Our school offers a range of support which can include small group work, 1:1 lessons and in class support. We encourage all of our students to aim for the highest possible standards, taking into account each student’s individual language profile, needs and experiences. At Amity we strive to create a truly international environment in which students are able to share, enjoy, appreciate and value each other’s cultures and languages. 


Integration into the local community and host country is an important element of inter-cultural understanding. This is why at Amity International School Amsterdam we place an emphasis on and value our host country’s language and culture. It is important that the children begin to develop Dutch in order to communicate in the language of where they are living to allow them to integrate into society. Across the school week the children receive regular Dutch lessons where they not only begin to learn the language of Dutch but aspects of Dutch culture. Children who are native Dutch speakers will follow a specialised program at a higher level.


As an international school, we place great importance on the learning of an additional language. Our aim with learning a foreign language is that it will provide children with the opportunity to develop international mindedness and a love of learning about different cultures. To support this, we provide the opportunity for our children to learn French as a foreign language in a fun, interactive and exciting way.