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3 Benefits of Outdoor Education

3 Benefits of Outdoor Education

Welcome to the great outdoors! As you step away from the classroom and into nature, you'll discover a world of endless possibilities for learning and growth. From the tiniest insects to the tallest trees, the natural world is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Join us as we explore the benefits of outdoor learning, and how connecting with nature can deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves.


    1. Increase Physical and Mental Health

Children naturally become more active by being outside. In addition to enjoying the fresh air and being exposed to the sun (more Vitamin D), it reduces tiredness and improves coordination.

We believe that giving children more opportunities to move around is very important for their physical development as it supports the development of their motor skills. Since spending time outdoors positively impacts mental health, our outdoor learning opportunities can have a positive impact on our students’ subjective well-being.

     2. Develop Essential Skills

Outdoor classroom creates a space where children continuously touch, see, hear, and smell different things compared to their indoor classroom. This allows our children to experience new things continuously. They become more curious, ask more questions, and come up with ideas.  It improves their creativity and gives them a space to explore the world around them. how connecting with nature can deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves.


Research shows that children who experience outdoor education are better at identifying hazards and become better at problem-solving compared to peers in the traditional classroom setting. We also see how they improve their teamwork skills when they are working as a group and trying to solve problems together.

    3. Respect for nature

Being outside and learning about nature allows children to be more appreciative. While playing and inquiring, they get to see the immediate effects of their actions.  Children learn to appreciate, care for, and respect nature and the world they live in.


On the other hand, in recent years, an increase in access to digital screens, video games, and mobile devices may have resulted in children spending less time outside exploring and engaging in unstructured play. Sadly for children, spending less time outside can curb them from the benefits which we have explored. But, at Amity International School Amsterdam, our children have a chance to connect with their natural surroundings and benefit from our outdoor education such as our “Forest School”.

Embedded in our Primary Years curriculum for our Early Years, Forest School provides an opportunity to embrace the natural world and have hands-on experiences in a green environment. They step away from the traditional classroom setting to an open-air classroom where they have close contact with nature and learn the world through hands-on outdoor activities and experiences.


Do you want to know more about our outdoor education opportunities and our Forest School? Please contact our Admissions Team for more information.










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