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Give your child a head-start with English Summer Camp

Can it be that time of year already? This past year we may have lost all sense of time, but one thing we do know is that with the weather gradually improving and the days getting longer, summer is on the horizon, so it’s time to start making summer plans!

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For many parents, the big question will be how to keep the kids busy and make the most of the holidays. And the answer might just be simpler than you think. Summer camp! Year after year, and despite our youngsters’ eternally changing interests, the age-old summer tradition is still going strong. And there are plenty of different kinds of camp to suit everyone.

It is often said that immersion is the best way to learn or improve a language. Language camps are the ever-popular answer to this for the summer months. Conscious that children have had quite enough of the classroom by the time summer rolls around, camp organisers do their best to make it as fun as possible, and the days are usually packed full of games and activities, and often outdoors. Activities can include sports, art, IT, drama, dance, team-building games, conversation games, music, singing, science, orienteering, etc. and are tailored to the different age groups. These activities can be combined with classroom-based learning.

Some camps offer accommodation, daycare (for example, early drop-off or late pick-up), and/or meals, and you can generally choose the number of weeks you would like your child to attend. At English language summer camps, children get to make new friends while learning and practising English and developing confidence in the language. At lower levels or with younger students, activities can often easily be explained or demonstrated through gestures so that everyone can follow along without difficulty and while still being immersed in English.

Here at Amity International School Amsterdam, our summer camps are thoughtfully designed by our passionate teachers to ensure that all activities are both fun and developmentally engaging, making sure that children are guided and supported every step of the way. Children can opt-in for a one hour English language session in the morning, and the rest is all fun and games! To learn more about our summer camps, you can check the information on our website or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide any details you’d like.

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