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Do our children need to do more co-curriculum activities?

Do our children need to do more co-curriculum activities? 


We want the best for our children. As parents and educators, we know that the skills they acquire at a young age will support them in the future, so we want to enable them to acquire as many skills as possible.

One way that our children acquire important skills is through co-curricular activities (CCAs). These practical and fun activities reinforce what students have learned in the traditional classroom setting and show that these lessons are related to real-life events. CCAs can be extra activities carried out outside the curriculum or can be done in cooperation with the educational programme.

In this blog, we list some of the positive results of CCAs and explain why we believe they are such a vital addition to Amity Amsterdam’s curriculum.


1-    Excel in academics

Many parents might worry that participating in CCAs will detract their children from their schoolwork, but regular participation in an activity that our children are passionate about can improve their concentration and time management skills, which are beneficial skills to excel in academics. Also, according to research, taking part in activities they like is said to improve the students’ brain function. For instance, sports can help them focus on the game and learn not to give up despite the difficulties they encounter.


2-    Boosting them in CV and college applications

When students are applying for a university, they need to showcase their credentials apart from their academic success. Engaging in any activity outside of the classroom is a crucial component of a strong university application. The extra activities can make their application more appealing to college admission officers because they signify the student did not only get good grades in the school but also had experience in other fields. Their best skills are emphasized in their CV. Also, it shows their commitment, tenacity and passion. 

  3-    Develop self-confidence

Some students struggle in academics and may not know what they are good at resulting in lower self-confidence. By participating in CCAs, children have a chance to find out what they like and dislike. When they engage in an activity that they are good at, their self-esteem improves. A student who has lower grades might shine under the spotlight or they might be the reason why the crowd is cheering the school team.

4-    Build new friendships & socialize

Classroom friendships are important, but it is also essential for children to make friends outside of the classroom and interact with other children. During CCAs, they have a chance to communicate with their peers in a different (and perhaps unfamiliar) environment. They are able to build deeper connections and can develop their social skills. Learning how to socialize with people you don’t know yet is an important skill to develop!


5-    Learn to be a part of a team

In most CCAs, children come together and work towards a similar goal. They may differ from other members, but sooner or later, they’ll realise that if they can’t cooperate, it will be harder to accomplish things. They learn how to overcome differences in opinions and expectations. Through teamwork, children's problem-solving, communication and strategic thinking skills are enhanced.

6-    Explore interests and unlock passions

The most important aspect is developing interests and passions. Not only do children have fun and enjoy this time but they also develop their knowledge and understanding of a specific topic, and they work hard to excel at it. Deep learning, mastering and becoming an expert in an area requires patience, commitment and resilience. These are all key skills students need in life.


At Amity Amsterdam, a tremendous amount of our education also takes place beyond our classrooms. There are various co-curricular activities that we offer both in Primary School and Senior School, from coding to dance and to wool craft. CCAs are essential elements of our education and they are crucial for our students’ future. We are trying to provide our students with engaging and educational activities that are all about having fun!

If you want your children to get more involved in CCAs and would like them to have fun while going to school, don’t hesitate to contact us!