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Building Lasting Success in Education: A Strong Home–School Partnership

Building Lasting Success in Education: A Strong Home–School Partnership

Families are an integral part of our children's education journey. They play a crucial role in shaping their growth and development. It all begins at home, within the family, where children learn vital skills like cooperation, self-expression, and taking responsibility. These early lessons serve as the foundation for their academic and personal development.

As our children transition into formal school education, the significance of the home environment remains pivotal in their learning. Families continue to be instrumental in this process. Therefore, a strong partnership between the home and school is of paramount importance. Extensive research in the field of education consistently underscores the positive impact of this collaboration on children's academic performance, daily routines, emotional well-being, social skills, and social intelligence.

At Amity Amsterdam, we firmly believe that our home–school partnership profoundly influences the educational journey of our students. We foster a culture of care and community that creates a vibrant learning environment for all. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the profound impact this partnership has on our students' growth and development.


1)      Transparent and frequent communication

We recognise that teachers not only support students within the school but also help parents understand their children's educational journey. This is why we strive to maintain a close working relationship with families. We share a common goal - to create the most efficient and secure learning environment for our students. Therefore, open and frequent communication between families and teachers is of utmost significance. We use digital platforms to provide regular updates and reports and additionally, we host parent-teacher conferences in both Primary and Senior Schools, providing opportunities to discuss concerns, goals for each student, and exchange insights on their behaviour and learning. Transparent conversations ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.

2)      Supporting academic success

 Our home–school partnership is instrumental in achieving our goal of facilitating academic success. At Amity Amsterdam, we believe that family support is indispensable for a student's academic journey. When families engage with their children and their education, they can motivate students at home and assist teachers in identifying areas where students may need additional support. Furthermore, families can share valuable insights about their children's interests, strengths, and challenges with teachers. This exchange of information enables a more personalised approach to learning, allowing students to reach their full potential.


3)      Creating a sense of community

A strong sense of community is vital for students' well-being and academic progress. At our school, we take pride in our close-knit community, which is an integral part of our identity. To ensure that our children feel supported and safe, we work collaboratively with our Community and Family Association (CFA). Through participation in school events, CFA Coffee Mornings, and various volunteer opportunities, families and teachers come together, forging lasting connections. CFA provides opportunities for families to connect and build personal and professional relationships through association with the school. When students witness their families and teachers working in unison, it fosters a sense of community and security. This collaborative approach empowers students and fosters their active participation in their own educational journey. When teachers and families work together, students benefit from consistent encouragement and a sense of belonging within the school.


4)      Holistic development for our students

Education isn't solely about acquiring knowledge from textbooks and lessons; it also encompasses the development of social skills and emotional intelligence. We place a strong emphasis on nurturing our students' social and emotional growth, alongside academic success. We believe that the partnership between families and teachers reinforces the values of integrity and empathy. Whether at home or at school, guiding our students to become responsible and compassionate individuals creates a wholesome culture of care.


Our top priority is to create open and effective communication, a culture of care and a sense of community at Amity Amsterdam. By fostering a robust collaborative relationship with our families, we ensure that ideas and methods are shared, leading to an effective learning environment for our students. The support our families provide to the school and their shared commitment to our school's goals are of great significance. Together, we witness the daily excellence of our students, as they flourish and thrive.


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