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7 Advantages of Technology Use in Our Curriculum

7 Advantages of Technology Use in Our Curriculum

In our ever-evolving world, technology is not just a part of our lives – it's the heartbeat of the future. Our children have an incredible advantage that we never had: easy access to an abundance of resources right at their fingertips. It is transforming their learning journey. Therefore, staying relevant in today's fast-paced landscape is crucial and at Amity Amsterdam, we can proudly say we lead the way as we recognise the potential of technology. We harness its power to understand that we can use the power of technology to create an educational experience like no other.

Through carefully planned units of inquiry, well-thought-out resources and the incorporation of digital tools into our IB curriculum, we offer a comprehensive and dynamic education, equipping our students for the evolving digital landscape. We continue to enhance our teaching methods and educational approaches by using technology's advancements.

In this blog, we’d like to unveil the wonders of technology-driven learning and how it shapes your child’s education.

Building digital skills

Creating a safe and enriching learning environment is a must for educators. We need to ensure that our students are well-prepared for the life ahead. They are shaping and influencing the digital future that awaits us all. Therefore, at Amity Amsterdam, we are committed to equipping our students with the digital skills they need for the future. From Co-Curricular Activities in Coding for Primary School students to comprehensive digital skills development in Design and Technology lessons for our Senior School, we provide opportunities for students of all ages to master digital tools. We believe these skills enhance problem-solving abilities and foster responsibility for their learning.

Developing critical thinking skills

Who reads and believes the news on social media platforms? As we have greater information sources in our lives, it is harder to know what is the truth and what sources can we trust. Critical thinking is essential to assess the correct information and evaluating sources requires high critical thinking skills. Technology can help to support the development of these skills. In the IB curriculum, critical thinking plays an important role in many subjects. From TOK (Theory of Knowledge) lessons to Design and Physics, our students are expected to do research, analyse, synthese and evaluate. In addition, the development of technology allows them to be involved in online discussions in IB subjects with a wider group of people. In this way, they develop thoughtful and purposeful discussions and understand different ways of sharing knowledge.

Far more resources in less than a minute

In today's digital age, a few keystrokes can open a world of knowledge. Who remembers being confined to hours in the library flipping through dusty encyclopaedia? Nowadays, our children have instant access to more information and knowledge than they could process in multiple lifetimes. Our job as educators is to help them interpret what is relevant and meaningful knowledge for their futures.

At Amity Amsterdam, every student in our Senior School receives a personal tablet, office tools and an account dedicated for them. With web activity closely monitored by our IT department and inappropriate content filtered out, they can dive into their research without worry. Teachers can seamlessly share articles and resources through their email accounts, making learning even more efficient.

 Interactive Learning: Enter Smart Boards

Education has evolved, and so have the educational tools. Our classrooms feature smart boards that bring lessons to life, enabling our teachers to effortlessly present information and our students to digitally interact with concepts and develop their skills. This allows them to focus on teaching and learning and therefore, saves precious time. Also, interactive quizzes and polls keep students engaged and informed, making assessments an integral part of the learning process. As a result, our children experience more engaging and efficient lessons that captivate their imagination. 

Educational apps and digital games

Learning should be fun and we're committed to making it engaging. We embrace the power of educational apps and digital games, which turn quizzes into thrilling competitions. Our students and teachers can instantly see the results, fostering healthy competition and deeper understanding. After all, learning with a smile is at the heart of our mission.

Assessments: Using Digital Tools

We use technology to assess our students’ progress effectively. To manage assessments and track our students’ progress, we use a learning management system that supports various criteria, ideal for the IB programmes we teach at Amity Amsterdam. Parents can also access our learning management system to read feedback, view grades and reports as well as assessment tasks and deadlines. 

Connecting Globally

Technology knows no borders and it enables our students to connect with peers from around the world. As an international school, we actively foster connections with teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. Virtual collaborations, as mentioned previously, and participation in online projects expose our students to different cultures and perspectives, nurturing their global awareness and respect for diversity.

We understand that technology shapes our future and that our students are the leaders of tomorrow. By integrating digital tools into our IB curriculum, we provide a dynamic and holistic education that prepares our students for the digital future. Our commitment to creating a safe and enriching learning environment ensures that they are well-prepared for the exciting journey ahead. After all, they are shaping and influencing the digital future that awaits us all.



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