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To formally apply for a school place at Amity International School Amsterdam, please fill in the application form below. From this point onwards, you will be guided step by step through the process and we can easily communicate with you about the next stages. 

Please be aware that being invited to apply is not the same as a confirmation of placement.

To help us support and guide prospective students and their families through all the aspects of the online application process, we use the OpenApply application system.  We believe that this system is the best way to get to know your child and to make sure that there is a good match between the school's educational provision and your child's needs.  

You may wish to consult our Fees Policy and Admissions Process page before starting the application form. This is a formal application, if you would just like to ask a question then complete the shorter enquiry form here. Please note that Amity reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject a school place based on the information provided during the admission process.