Principal's Welcome

Amity International School Amsterdam is a young and vibrant school in Amstelveen, continuing to grow and flourish.

Our goal as a school has not changed since we first opened our doors in February 2018 and sent out the first welcome letter to our community. We want to empower each individual to thrive and make a positive difference.

We pride ourselves in supporting and challenging every student to achieve excellence in their behaviour, academic work, sport, the arts, culture, citizenship, spirituality and relationships. We believe our students are academically more successful when close relationships and support systems have been built between home and school. With this in mind, we want all families to feel welcome in the school and able to contact us with any concerns you may have regarding your child, confident that we will listen and respond accordingly. 

We are a fully international school with students and staff from 39 different countries

Being such a diverse school allows us to learn from each other and helps children to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and internationally-minded. Developing as a global citizen also encompasses our interactions with the physical world around us.  

Our school is fortuitously based in an awe-inspiring monumental building surrounded by lush historical parklands. We look to reap the benefits of our position by ensuring learning opportunities occur outside of the classroom as much as possible on the school grounds or on trips further afield. In the local area, we have access to amazing sports facilities and we make use of these every week. 

On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to welcoming you to the school and are sure you will leave amazed by every aspect of our school from the facilities, technology, professional yet friendly ambience and to most importantly the high level of learning occurring at the school.  

Warm regards,  


Mr neville kirton


Amity International School Amsterdam