Children need space to learn and explore. We provide them with that space.

Every child is unique and valued. We want them to reach their full potential.

The world is your classroom. Our green grounds offer perfect outdoor learning opportunities.

You grow through connections, communication, and collaboration. We support our students with that.

Welcoming new friends is part of our DNA. We want our students to feel at home.


Are you looking for an international school in the Amsterdam region? We would be delighted to welcome you and your children to the Amity community. We understand that choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will make. Our Admissions Team is here to  support you in this process by listening to what matters to you.

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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Education for Your Child

While in the past students were assigned to schools based on their location, today there are many factors that have to be considered when choosing a school that suits your child and places them on the right path. Here are 10 key questions that can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right school for your child.

Benefits of a Private School Education

Private schools can be more expensive, and it is true that there are many Dutch public schools that do an excellent job of educating their students. So, is the financial investment required for private schools really worth it?

Give your child a head-start with English Summer Camp

For many parents, the big question will be how to keep the kids busy and make the most of the holidays. And the answer might just be simpler than you think. Summer camp! Year after year, and despite our youngsters’ eternally changing interests, the age-old summer tradition is still going strong. And there are plenty of different kinds of camp to suit everyone.

5 important trends in education for 2021

Schools, Universities and educational institutes all over the world had to adapt almost overnight, drastically changing the way they delivered classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that is for certain is that the educational landscape has changed forever, and educational technology (EdTech) is here to stay, global crisis or not. Read on to learn more about the latest projected trends in education for 2021.

English support for non-native speakers at Amity Amsterdam

With children joining the school from all corners of the world since 2018, Amity Amsterdam has a strong focus on inclusivity. Our school recognises that children who do not speak English at home may require additional support and that is why the school offers a range of support

Support New Amity Parents

Moving your family to a new city or country is a big undertaking, and sometimes, settling into your new community can seem an equally daunting challenge. At Amity, we are more than happy to help new families with what may seem like even the smallest details.

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