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The Role of Educational Visits in Our Students’ Lives

In today's fast-paced world, getting our students to stay engaged and learn effectively can be quite a challenge. Our children are bombarded with many distractions every day, making it tough to ensure they truly absorb what they're taught. That's why, in the realm of education, we've come up with various methods to make learning last. One approach we're particularly passionate about is experiential learning.

From Primary to Senior School: 5 Ways to support our children during their transition period

Transitioning from Primary to Senior School is a significant step in our children’s educational journey. It can be an exciting yet anxious period for young learners. Going to a new building, meeting new people, creating new friendships, having various subject teachers instead of one classroom teacher… everything changes! 📚 As your children start this new phase, as parents, your ongoing encouragement becomes a crucial factor. In this blog, we wanted to shed light on how, as parents, you can support your children during one of the most important periods of their young lives, their transition from Primary to Senior School.

7 Advantages of Technology Use in Our Curriculum

In our ever-evolving world, technology is not just a part of our lives – it's the heartbeat of the future. Our children have an incredible advantage that we never had: easy access to an abundance of resources right at their fingertips. It is transforming their learning journey. Therefore, staying relevant in today's fast-paced landscape is crucial and at Amity Amsterdam, we can proudly say we lead the way as we recognise the potential of technology. In this blog, we'd like to unveil the wonders of technology-driven learning and how it shapes your child’s education.

How to stay motivated during the exam week?

As we approach the challenging exam week, it's quite natural for our students to face moments of fatigue and stress. The pressure to excel can be overwhelming, sometimes leading to procrastination and a loss of motivation. It's crucial that we help our children stay motivated and on track during this crucial period. Here are some valuable tips to ensure their motivation remains high!

What is the CAS Programme and What do CAS experiences look like?

Have your children ever wanted to learn a new language, conquer their fears, or even become proficient in a sport or musical instrument? CAS allows them to do exactly this: through the creativity and service strands of the programme, they can develop existing skills and engage in brand-new experiences! CAS also enables them to give back to the school, their community and society through dedicated service. By engaging in CAS, our children are empowered to thrive as individual with the skills and values needed to make a positive difference.

Building Lasting Success in Education: A Strong Home–School Partnership

Families are an integral part of our children's education journey. They play a crucial role in shaping their growth and development. At Amity Amsterdam, we firmly believe that our home–school partnership profoundly influences our students' educational journey. We foster a culture of care and community that creates a vibrant learning environment for all.

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